Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Story

Under a candle, when the lights are gone,

Opens a story of an earthly swan.

A bird it is, or a flying dream,

Who knows it now? Nobody it seems.

But I do know a little deal of it,

Some stories of a merry defeat.

Such times are only, when love if found,

Stays growing each day, and very unbound.

A story which makes me wonder more,

And wander away ,to me assure,

My liberties to take in the mingling thoughts,

Will remain with me no matter how you sought.

You wonder what I wonder though,

I rhyme my words, and here you go..

I wonder at times, what it could be,

That holds on water to a sea.

What eyes and words, in common behold;

What is said, when everything is untold.

What to the sky, the stars could mean;

What to the dying are the rains unforeseen?

My mind in denial, my heart doesn’t talk;

Yet joined by something, together they walk.

Unknown bondage, an invisible thread;

Wrapped up two worlds, in a single spread.

Why distances at times do us apart,

Why there are times, when we remain one at heart.

Questions like this, are many but few,

Such is the story, of me and you.


Friday, June 26, 2009

I Have Poetry

In the sounds of the daylight;
I do feel it somehow
There is poetry in my heart;
And you’ll help me to get it out.
But don’t do it again, like you did it the last time
You left me alone, with my words to rhyme.
Like the rains do go away,
But I love it when they come;
You bereft me of all the love,
But I am still left with some.

Let me say just a word,
And you tell me you know the rest of it.
Fill up the spaces in me,
And help me feel, you were in need of it.
But don’t leave me to fill, my spaces on my own
I have lost the ability to heal the pains unknown.
Like the rains do touch me,
But I want a closer touch;
You place your hand on my empty heart,
And fill it up as much.

In the silence of the night sky,
I feel it how, I know.
I have poetry in my eyes,
And you’ll help me to see it through.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sun & You...

This time of the year, everytime if you see..
I remember the times, when with you I'd be.
The way we shared the same icecream
The way you covered my face with yours
When the sun played with my eyes..
When you would burn your feet, in the sun,
So that I would not burn mine..
That was some wonderful time..
The time now, is different though..
The sun stayed, but you did go..


Some times, often remind us, of times gone by.. there has always been a tendency of a human, to get closer to his past, when it has left him.. when it has already taken away something, without which..the future seems nullified.. The summers seem to remind many people of many things.. Pain, heat, umbrellas, a long wait for the rains... many things.. it reminds me of a feeling, of empitiness...Empty now because, some spaces had been filled well same time of the year.... many years back.. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Dear Flaws

A mirror to me; they wish I had

Like many thousands, who do today.
I would judge my every step,
And want to be, the other way.

I would like, to stay away;
From those who force to let me out.

And I would start my every day,
With many a questions, and a doubt.

Perhaps with me, I’d have a friend,
Who would tell me I was wrong always.
Perhaps, it would be only then,
That I would learn to mend my ways.

But, I am Sorry, my dear folks;

Who think my mistakes, are gory and dark.

I am Sorry, my dear friends and foes, Who think I would never leave a mark. For, to you my loops and spaces,
Might seem just too big.

But to me, forever;

They’ve been the things I’d like to keep.

To you forever, they’ve made me look small;
But to me, they are why I am tall.

So I will never die, quenching your claws.
They make me who I am, my dear flaws.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Day you know...

It is a beautiful thing to feel sometimes;

A beautiful thing to feel the chimes;

Of unheard tales, that rule the skies;

And the oceans that gently deny;

Existence of any shadows gray;

But where the laughter is let to stay..

It is a shallow feeling to let the beats;

In your heart, just hide and unevenly seep;

In your soul that feels hollow and empty;

And live through dreams, never achieved yet plenty..

So what to do when the urges swell?

Whom to go and the stories tell?

And where to find the answers and solace,

And how to find a big warm place..

For the dreams that you stored for years so long,

And all the lyrics, of the heart filled song,

That you chanted for all the while,

But no one knew and your traced out smile.

No where but yourself, you could reach,

And find and end to the tainted breach;

Which kept you away from whom you were,

And swept you away from the magic fervor;

Think of it once, see how you feel;

To get to life and take off the peel;

The peel of settling years of dust;

The peel of faults now set to rust.

You will be set free, and let to breathe;

There will be no ignorance, in any deed.

Arms will be wide open, wherever you go;

Who you are, the day you know.


(Positivity takes a lot of time to build, but when it is done, it stays forever..)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgiven now

Forgiven the past for what it did to me,
Walking along a pebbled path.
A faint smile may give company;
And there's no care for aftermath,
For now,there is no burning sun,
Which once showed me the road to take.
For now there are no prayers done,
To cure the feelings which turn so fake.
All that is left, is some life in me;
Which forces me to walk ahead..
All that is left are some memories;
Which tells me what not is dead.

Forgiven the past,
For what it did to me.
Forgiven the pains,
That kill me still.
Forgiven myself,
For caring to cry;
Forgiven the well of love gone dry.

In me,a falling inflection of the voice,
Holds me still, so still, to make a choice..


Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I feel for you

Pages of unreal stories fail to say,
What I feel for you today
There is a sacred feeling in all i do..
All the while I smile,
I've been thinking of you.
In every prayer,
I wish its you who I see..
When someday the sun, sets down on me.

Want to be in your arms,
when I breathe my last

And close my eyes,
To drown in the merry past..