Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I feel for you

Pages of unreal stories fail to say,
What I feel for you today
There is a sacred feeling in all i do..
All the while I smile,
I've been thinking of you.
In every prayer,
I wish its you who I see..
When someday the sun, sets down on me.

Want to be in your arms,
when I breathe my last

And close my eyes,
To drown in the merry past..


Love to me is When

Love to me is when,
Your thoughts are rekindled;

And my thoughts come to me when,
I promise them a trip to you.

Love to me is when,
Not just two bodies and hearts,
Accept each other,
But also when,

The minds and souls begin,
To purify each other.
Love to me is when,
We are together...


Canvas Of Life

Let us together work on a canvas;
Let us paint it in every hue..

We shall call it "Life" then onwards,

Let it be just for me and you..

We shall have two halves of the painting;
One with me and one for you.
You shall gift me the one you have,

And I shall gift you mine too..