Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Story

Under a candle, when the lights are gone,

Opens a story of an earthly swan.

A bird it is, or a flying dream,

Who knows it now? Nobody it seems.

But I do know a little deal of it,

Some stories of a merry defeat.

Such times are only, when love if found,

Stays growing each day, and very unbound.

A story which makes me wonder more,

And wander away ,to me assure,

My liberties to take in the mingling thoughts,

Will remain with me no matter how you sought.

You wonder what I wonder though,

I rhyme my words, and here you go..

I wonder at times, what it could be,

That holds on water to a sea.

What eyes and words, in common behold;

What is said, when everything is untold.

What to the sky, the stars could mean;

What to the dying are the rains unforeseen?

My mind in denial, my heart doesn’t talk;

Yet joined by something, together they walk.

Unknown bondage, an invisible thread;

Wrapped up two worlds, in a single spread.

Why distances at times do us apart,

Why there are times, when we remain one at heart.

Questions like this, are many but few,

Such is the story, of me and you.