Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Day you know...

It is a beautiful thing to feel sometimes;

A beautiful thing to feel the chimes;

Of unheard tales, that rule the skies;

And the oceans that gently deny;

Existence of any shadows gray;

But where the laughter is let to stay..

It is a shallow feeling to let the beats;

In your heart, just hide and unevenly seep;

In your soul that feels hollow and empty;

And live through dreams, never achieved yet plenty..

So what to do when the urges swell?

Whom to go and the stories tell?

And where to find the answers and solace,

And how to find a big warm place..

For the dreams that you stored for years so long,

And all the lyrics, of the heart filled song,

That you chanted for all the while,

But no one knew and your traced out smile.

No where but yourself, you could reach,

And find and end to the tainted breach;

Which kept you away from whom you were,

And swept you away from the magic fervor;

Think of it once, see how you feel;

To get to life and take off the peel;

The peel of settling years of dust;

The peel of faults now set to rust.

You will be set free, and let to breathe;

There will be no ignorance, in any deed.

Arms will be wide open, wherever you go;

Who you are, the day you know.


(Positivity takes a lot of time to build, but when it is done, it stays forever..)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgiven now

Forgiven the past for what it did to me,
Walking along a pebbled path.
A faint smile may give company;
And there's no care for aftermath,
For now,there is no burning sun,
Which once showed me the road to take.
For now there are no prayers done,
To cure the feelings which turn so fake.
All that is left, is some life in me;
Which forces me to walk ahead..
All that is left are some memories;
Which tells me what not is dead.

Forgiven the past,
For what it did to me.
Forgiven the pains,
That kill me still.
Forgiven myself,
For caring to cry;
Forgiven the well of love gone dry.

In me,a falling inflection of the voice,
Holds me still, so still, to make a choice..


Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I feel for you

Pages of unreal stories fail to say,
What I feel for you today
There is a sacred feeling in all i do..
All the while I smile,
I've been thinking of you.
In every prayer,
I wish its you who I see..
When someday the sun, sets down on me.

Want to be in your arms,
when I breathe my last

And close my eyes,
To drown in the merry past..


Love to me is When

Love to me is when,
Your thoughts are rekindled;

And my thoughts come to me when,
I promise them a trip to you.

Love to me is when,
Not just two bodies and hearts,
Accept each other,
But also when,

The minds and souls begin,
To purify each other.
Love to me is when,
We are together...


Canvas Of Life

Let us together work on a canvas;
Let us paint it in every hue..

We shall call it "Life" then onwards,

Let it be just for me and you..

We shall have two halves of the painting;
One with me and one for you.
You shall gift me the one you have,

And I shall gift you mine too..


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Was it always meant to be this way?

Was it always meant to be this way,

Or is it , just a dream that I see?

Why would I see this dream at all,

Did you ever think of you and me?

Was it always in our hearts and minds,

Was it something we would never show?

Did my eyes always look for you,

Did you always wish I’d never go?

Is it true in all the fights and tiffs,

You felt that I’m the one for you?

Do you feel like you’re in love with me,

And do you know that I love you too?

Is it like I never thought,

Will you be mine for true?

Will it be a fairytale ,

Will it be us two?

Every time we would be together,

Why were our words uniquely addressed ?

Even though the lips, could never speak it out,

Why did we hide , when the eyes confessed?

Even then, when we were together,

Didn’t we feel like being closer?

We posed like winners of the world,

But hearts to each other, were big losers.

And after we had crossed a phase ,

Didn’t we think, we’ll forget it all?

But wasn’t it like, we stood where we were,

And time could not move at all..

On lips and words, we still do fight,

But we love to feel the meeting eyes.

And why is it, that we still don’t know,

That we have always loved each other,

With moments the love tends to grow..


Sunday, June 15, 2008

A touch to die for

The stillness of the moment.
When my senses melt away
Gives way to a dream;
Poignant in nature.

This one moment, overflows,
To tranquilize , a lifetime.
The alluring pain, is held,
With hands of the soul.

A soul, which is and
Which is not, sentient.
Feeling , and perceiving, the warmth,
Of the sting.
Not being able to feel,
Any other touch.

It is the touch of love,
A touch to die for.


The Awaited Kiss

An empty, deserted boulevard;
and two people, who've come there,
TO share some time, and thoughts.

They sit on a stony bench;
Below a tree, who's shedding her leaves.
And in solidarity ,they drench.

He glimpses at her, every now and then;
She asks him what it is?
He says for long, he's been in a fen.

She looks into his eyes, to find,
What kept his thoughts flooded?
Was it the time they left behind?

He smiles and says,he missed her well;
And there is no refute.
But his lips keep moving, as if there is more to tell.

She stands up to leave;
But he holds her back;
His heart he could not deceive.

He brings her close to him.

He holds her in his arms.

They eavesdrop what their hearts speak.
The eyes seem to say so much now.

A sultry zephyr touches their souls;
Fly them to oblivion;

Unaware of what they always wanted.
The ebbing distances;

A little lust and all the love,
Dance immersed in passion.

The touch of lips;
The melting of souls..

The moment that said it all,

"The Awaited kiss"


Friday, April 25, 2008


Foggy yet conspicuous;
Shattered yet held together.
Arms of the same human.
One palm, holds in it, what it already has.
Time flows by , the palm is filled still.
Another fancy dream comes along.
The second hand runs to hold it.
The other filled palm, loses what it had,
and it falls down.
Perhaps what is taken for granted ,
may leave us and go.
But nature has a way with irony.
Irony of its own kind.
The precious of the previous day,
has fallen, yet remained, where it was.
Awaiting, for this hand to come,
back again and enthrone it.


Magic is bound to happen

When not together, words seem to take up,
an unending flow.

There is so much to say and so much to hear.There is so much to understand, and explain. There is so much to feel and make feel.
But when , togetherness come into being, when the separation for so long is over, words lose their path. Words themselves, are lost.

Glances and glimpses , shy smiles, obvious blushes say it all.

Hidden ways of noticing each other , small implications saying "I am there" , naughty smiles , and pondering around each other yet not saying anything , all of this makes the heart feel a strong impulse , makes the love and care pass from one heart to another.

Hold on to yourself.Let words in real sense , do it for once. Let it happen fearlessly. just for once.Magic is bound to happen.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

One of a kind..

Pains of the hollow soul;

Soul that was emptied;

Emptied by your magic touch.

Your magic touch, which was an irony.

An irony , to my existence.
My existence as a whole.

As a whole , being far or close to you.
Neither was I so close,
Now was I so far,
That you could not breathe,

That you could not find me.

Emptied souls of solitude,
No other I find.
You left me bewildered,

and one of a kind.



Distances never end,
When i need to reach you.
Summers never come,
When I need the road dry.
Rivers remain still,
When the boat needs to move.

I face slips and falls,
When I need to climb.
You never look back,
When behind , you leave me
Bleeding and weeping,
And there is no herb to heal.



Sometimes, the "today" I live, becomes , a chunk of reality pulled out of the "yesterday" I survived ; tossed up with some experimental inferences i made and the little experiential knowledge i have ; served with a dash of naturalistic implementation.

Not all that I know, and all I do;
Is something fresh and something new.

Some lessons learned were here to stay,

As oblivious memories of "Yesterday".

To let go was when, I did not look back,

To all that turned, the bright to black.

To hold on was when,I walked with it,

All that filled, the deficit.

Sometimes I died, with a throbbing pain,
And wept to heal, but all in vain
Yet again, at times , I was born;
I softened all the pricking thorns.

A practiced smile ,and hidden tears,
Were friends in times ,of silent fears.
I was with me , when the smiles were true;
And life existed in every hue.
'Each day is a gift, that we call "life"
A gift of comfort, a gift of strife."
These easy words, were hard to learn.

The road was long, and full of turns.

some lessons learned ,were here to stay,
As oblivious memories of "Yesterday".


We call it "life"...

At times, a small thing can touch your soul and leave it in ripples. These ripples keep you alive forever...
You begin experiencing a strange sense of belonging! You begin to live through an "absurd" or rather "mystic" romance...

You might end up feeling, as if you have walked way ahead of your own self... U might feel as if... you hve reached a position frm where u cannot look back..

But NO! you keep dragging urself.. and at sum point of time... u begin incorporating your feeling..your zeal...ur hope n ur dreams.. into this "dragging".. and finally end up calling it "life"....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


What gives you a way to be who you are, what gives you a chance to think to yourself...think about yourself, while thinking of what means the world to you is "Love".
"Love".... truly and wholly captivates the life when it exists for real! In whatever you do, you find yourself capable of inducing the same positive vibe, which keeps you going. "Love" can be a small toy, a leaf, the zephyr , the waters, the sky can be "YOu". Depends how you feel it.
Love cannot have a specific definition. It binds your soul to the soul of the world. It attaches you to everything which has felt you. There is love even in silence!
When things around you go wrong, when nothing is as you wanted it to be... slowly a spirit creeps into you, calms you down, makes you feel good and wonderful about who you are but you remain silent, yet feel good about being loved! This silence, this patience is "love"! Love is what makes you feel, love makes you read between the lines... love makes you live! It is the soul of life! Love lies not in reciprocation. Love is to be felt.Truly felt. Love is much above all legal papers, above all that binds you to the earthly belongings. Love makes you free! Love show to you, who you truly are . It makes you feel warm and cared for. It makes you feel complete.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Purpose of Survival!

We all, I believe, have some hidden, some cryptic purpose of our lives. Something only which we ourselves , and the God within us is supposed to know. A purpose which separates us from everybody else. May be a simple one, something which might sound very familiar.. but then again.. it is "mine".. Its that feeling of belonging to your purpose, or rather making your purpose belong to you, in a way, it can belong to nobody else. The power in and around you which forces you to look at your purpose with eyes blazing with zeal, which no other soul has ever felt! A part of your soul which no word could touch! The respect in your eyes , for what and how you do things.. that special feeling of knowing that what you do today , is an investment for your future! Because you know you can, and you will do it!! Fighting without fears or inhibitions... Feeling the fire in you. and being comfortable with it ! Making that cryptic purpose of your survival, your passion, your worship and finally your life!! that gives a special feeling. A feeling of triumph. Triumph over your own dark side and living up to your "Purpose of survival"..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it fair?

Is it fair?
That the river, flows for endless miles.
Facing every stone, every thorn.
Yet, she keeps flowing with time.
The river,looses her sheen.
Her purity, her calmness.
Still,she keeps keep flowing,
Just with one aim, her only destiny.
That someday, her waters,
Would reach the sea.

And, then, the sea,
Itself overflows,
To pour its salty water,
On the sands around it,
Which had come drifted by the winds,
Form far off lands,
and are there just because,
The sea yields them benefits.
The sea flows onto them,the sands,
But leaves her, the river untouched.
Is it fair?


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A feeling just for you...

Together we lived, those moments of smiles.
We weeped together , for a little while...

We saw the world grow small and big..
We felt the air go thin and thick...

You held my hand, and I held yours too..
We found each other, in everything we'd do..

We lost ourselves, and we found each other..
We glanced just once, and walked a little further..

Our lips didn't speak, our eyes did so..
We wanted each other, everywhere we'd go...

You asked me why, i felt so much..
Every time, the thoughts, would out hearts touch...

You made me feel, what's love so true..
I found your words, in every hue...

Your love like water, poured on me...
Senses were pure, touched by eternity..

I didn't say it ever, i wouldn't today...
Its a feeling, just for you, you feel it your way..


Pranks !!!

Pranks bring out the sleeping child in you!
They pain your life in every hue!
When you're down an depressed,
They change your view...
Pranks, bring out the sleeping child in you.
This but at end, is important to tell;
Pranks are the best, when intentioned well....
Its the best thing to do,
once in a while...
When you want to see,a grumpy face, smile.
Its is naughty, but important too...
After all..
Pranks awake, the sleeping child in you..

Drenched in purity..

Drenched ; every bit...
In the Purity of Feelings...
With face, towards the sky...
I feel the drops of water;
Soaking me,
In an unknown serenity.

My arms wide open..
My palms await your touch..
My eyes shut..
I want to, surprise myself today.
To see you standing,
In front of me...
With your eyes eager to meet mine...


There was a time....

There was time when i Was told;
That dreams, soon die and truth unfolds.
There was time;when i believed;

That a lover's heart could never be deceived.
There was time, when i did not know the heaven above
But not the time is different...
Now i know not anything, but everything...

Now, I am in love.


How do I ?

In the silence of the night,
After being with you;
I want to loose myself,
To the darkest hue...
I wan t to dissolve in the air
And I want to know;
After being so close to me;
where else do you go?
When we can't see,
Is it my hand that you hold?
In your eyes,
Do our dreams unfold?
When I don't say,
Do you still know what i feel?
When you're not happy,
Will you let me know it for real?
Just talking to me,
Would you spend one dusk?
Do you wish to see me,
as a pearl in a musk?
Tell how do I get the answers
When all the while...
You listen to me,
and gently smile...