Sunday, June 15, 2008

A touch to die for

The stillness of the moment.
When my senses melt away
Gives way to a dream;
Poignant in nature.

This one moment, overflows,
To tranquilize , a lifetime.
The alluring pain, is held,
With hands of the soul.

A soul, which is and
Which is not, sentient.
Feeling , and perceiving, the warmth,
Of the sting.
Not being able to feel,
Any other touch.

It is the touch of love,
A touch to die for.



C R D said...

everyone longs for the touch of their sweetheart. for ppl who still yearn for a lover, the longing is much more

nice poem :)

tausef said...

hello miss wazz up!!!! u r rocking yaar... well keep it up ....