Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Day you know...

It is a beautiful thing to feel sometimes;

A beautiful thing to feel the chimes;

Of unheard tales, that rule the skies;

And the oceans that gently deny;

Existence of any shadows gray;

But where the laughter is let to stay..

It is a shallow feeling to let the beats;

In your heart, just hide and unevenly seep;

In your soul that feels hollow and empty;

And live through dreams, never achieved yet plenty..

So what to do when the urges swell?

Whom to go and the stories tell?

And where to find the answers and solace,

And how to find a big warm place..

For the dreams that you stored for years so long,

And all the lyrics, of the heart filled song,

That you chanted for all the while,

But no one knew and your traced out smile.

No where but yourself, you could reach,

And find and end to the tainted breach;

Which kept you away from whom you were,

And swept you away from the magic fervor;

Think of it once, see how you feel;

To get to life and take off the peel;

The peel of settling years of dust;

The peel of faults now set to rust.

You will be set free, and let to breathe;

There will be no ignorance, in any deed.

Arms will be wide open, wherever you go;

Who you are, the day you know.


(Positivity takes a lot of time to build, but when it is done, it stays forever..)