Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it fair?

Is it fair?
That the river, flows for endless miles.
Facing every stone, every thorn.
Yet, she keeps flowing with time.
The river,looses her sheen.
Her purity, her calmness.
Still,she keeps keep flowing,
Just with one aim, her only destiny.
That someday, her waters,
Would reach the sea.

And, then, the sea,
Itself overflows,
To pour its salty water,
On the sands around it,
Which had come drifted by the winds,
Form far off lands,
and are there just because,
The sea yields them benefits.
The sea flows onto them,the sands,
But leaves her, the river untouched.
Is it fair?


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A feeling just for you...

Together we lived, those moments of smiles.
We weeped together , for a little while...

We saw the world grow small and big..
We felt the air go thin and thick...

You held my hand, and I held yours too..
We found each other, in everything we'd do..

We lost ourselves, and we found each other..
We glanced just once, and walked a little further..

Our lips didn't speak, our eyes did so..
We wanted each other, everywhere we'd go...

You asked me why, i felt so much..
Every time, the thoughts, would out hearts touch...

You made me feel, what's love so true..
I found your words, in every hue...

Your love like water, poured on me...
Senses were pure, touched by eternity..

I didn't say it ever, i wouldn't today...
Its a feeling, just for you, you feel it your way..


Pranks !!!

Pranks bring out the sleeping child in you!
They pain your life in every hue!
When you're down an depressed,
They change your view...
Pranks, bring out the sleeping child in you.
This but at end, is important to tell;
Pranks are the best, when intentioned well....
Its the best thing to do,
once in a while...
When you want to see,a grumpy face, smile.
Its is naughty, but important too...
After all..
Pranks awake, the sleeping child in you..

Drenched in purity..

Drenched ; every bit...
In the Purity of Feelings...
With face, towards the sky...
I feel the drops of water;
Soaking me,
In an unknown serenity.

My arms wide open..
My palms await your touch..
My eyes shut..
I want to, surprise myself today.
To see you standing,
In front of me...
With your eyes eager to meet mine...


There was a time....

There was time when i Was told;
That dreams, soon die and truth unfolds.
There was time;when i believed;

That a lover's heart could never be deceived.
There was time, when i did not know the heaven above
But not the time is different...
Now i know not anything, but everything...

Now, I am in love.


How do I ?

In the silence of the night,
After being with you;
I want to loose myself,
To the darkest hue...
I wan t to dissolve in the air
And I want to know;
After being so close to me;
where else do you go?
When we can't see,
Is it my hand that you hold?
In your eyes,
Do our dreams unfold?
When I don't say,
Do you still know what i feel?
When you're not happy,
Will you let me know it for real?
Just talking to me,
Would you spend one dusk?
Do you wish to see me,
as a pearl in a musk?
Tell how do I get the answers
When all the while...
You listen to me,
and gently smile...