Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Dear Flaws

A mirror to me; they wish I had

Like many thousands, who do today.
I would judge my every step,
And want to be, the other way.

I would like, to stay away;
From those who force to let me out.

And I would start my every day,
With many a questions, and a doubt.

Perhaps with me, I’d have a friend,
Who would tell me I was wrong always.
Perhaps, it would be only then,
That I would learn to mend my ways.

But, I am Sorry, my dear folks;

Who think my mistakes, are gory and dark.

I am Sorry, my dear friends and foes, Who think I would never leave a mark. For, to you my loops and spaces,
Might seem just too big.

But to me, forever;

They’ve been the things I’d like to keep.

To you forever, they’ve made me look small;
But to me, they are why I am tall.

So I will never die, quenching your claws.
They make me who I am, my dear flaws.