Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Was it always meant to be this way?

Was it always meant to be this way,

Or is it , just a dream that I see?

Why would I see this dream at all,

Did you ever think of you and me?

Was it always in our hearts and minds,

Was it something we would never show?

Did my eyes always look for you,

Did you always wish I’d never go?

Is it true in all the fights and tiffs,

You felt that I’m the one for you?

Do you feel like you’re in love with me,

And do you know that I love you too?

Is it like I never thought,

Will you be mine for true?

Will it be a fairytale ,

Will it be us two?

Every time we would be together,

Why were our words uniquely addressed ?

Even though the lips, could never speak it out,

Why did we hide , when the eyes confessed?

Even then, when we were together,

Didn’t we feel like being closer?

We posed like winners of the world,

But hearts to each other, were big losers.

And after we had crossed a phase ,

Didn’t we think, we’ll forget it all?

But wasn’t it like, we stood where we were,

And time could not move at all..

On lips and words, we still do fight,

But we love to feel the meeting eyes.

And why is it, that we still don’t know,

That we have always loved each other,

With moments the love tends to grow..