Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgiven now

Forgiven the past for what it did to me,
Walking along a pebbled path.
A faint smile may give company;
And there's no care for aftermath,
For now,there is no burning sun,
Which once showed me the road to take.
For now there are no prayers done,
To cure the feelings which turn so fake.
All that is left, is some life in me;
Which forces me to walk ahead..
All that is left are some memories;
Which tells me what not is dead.

Forgiven the past,
For what it did to me.
Forgiven the pains,
That kill me still.
Forgiven myself,
For caring to cry;
Forgiven the well of love gone dry.

In me,a falling inflection of the voice,
Holds me still, so still, to make a choice..