Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it fair?

Is it fair?
That the river, flows for endless miles.
Facing every stone, every thorn.
Yet, she keeps flowing with time.
The river,looses her sheen.
Her purity, her calmness.
Still,she keeps keep flowing,
Just with one aim, her only destiny.
That someday, her waters,
Would reach the sea.

And, then, the sea,
Itself overflows,
To pour its salty water,
On the sands around it,
Which had come drifted by the winds,
Form far off lands,
and are there just because,
The sea yields them benefits.
The sea flows onto them,the sands,
But leaves her, the river untouched.
Is it fair?



enlightened said...

yes dear.. thats fair.. =) , if sea will not touch the wont perish..or else the river's existence will cease to exist..

the life line for many...even humans too ! we dont survive on the sea..but rivers, yes, our civilizations always flourished with em.. ;)

n if the river wont ll it survive too dear ? it needs an opening...the eternal one... just the way a lover gives in herself, her every single last drop...for her love's slightest smile...thats what nature teaches ... love is all around us..we just need to feel it ! n in Quran God says.. messages are all around you..u just need to interpret em.. ;) loll hehehe

Anonymous said...

I got no better justification than what enlightened have said ....

Anonymous said...

i love it when expression flows frm heart thru various others hearts ..n cumz back as words!

Anonymous said...

Is Life fair she asked...
But then what is fair anyway?
live it anyway.. :)

Anonymous said...

everything is not fair....n thts whre "creativity.." n "imagination" comes frm... ;)

Raj said...

When you ask what is fair and what is foul
And wait to hear that can solve every doubt
Deep inside u think that maybe it won't work out
No matter how much we let our instincts prowl