Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Purpose of Survival!

We all, I believe, have some hidden, some cryptic purpose of our lives. Something only which we ourselves , and the God within us is supposed to know. A purpose which separates us from everybody else. May be a simple one, something which might sound very familiar.. but then again.. it is "mine".. Its that feeling of belonging to your purpose, or rather making your purpose belong to you, in a way, it can belong to nobody else. The power in and around you which forces you to look at your purpose with eyes blazing with zeal, which no other soul has ever felt! A part of your soul which no word could touch! The respect in your eyes , for what and how you do things.. that special feeling of knowing that what you do today , is an investment for your future! Because you know you can, and you will do it!! Fighting without fears or inhibitions... Feeling the fire in you. and being comfortable with it ! Making that cryptic purpose of your survival, your passion, your worship and finally your life!! that gives a special feeling. A feeling of triumph. Triumph over your own dark side and living up to your "Purpose of survival"..


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

IF you are still breathing...You are meant to serve some purpose :)

Anonymous said...

yesh..true..i agreee