Wednesday, February 13, 2008


What gives you a way to be who you are, what gives you a chance to think to yourself...think about yourself, while thinking of what means the world to you is "Love".
"Love".... truly and wholly captivates the life when it exists for real! In whatever you do, you find yourself capable of inducing the same positive vibe, which keeps you going. "Love" can be a small toy, a leaf, the zephyr , the waters, the sky can be "YOu". Depends how you feel it.
Love cannot have a specific definition. It binds your soul to the soul of the world. It attaches you to everything which has felt you. There is love even in silence!
When things around you go wrong, when nothing is as you wanted it to be... slowly a spirit creeps into you, calms you down, makes you feel good and wonderful about who you are but you remain silent, yet feel good about being loved! This silence, this patience is "love"! Love is what makes you feel, love makes you read between the lines... love makes you live! It is the soul of life! Love lies not in reciprocation. Love is to be felt.Truly felt. Love is much above all legal papers, above all that binds you to the earthly belongings. Love makes you free! Love show to you, who you truly are . It makes you feel warm and cared for. It makes you feel complete.


Anonymous said...

Love is two body in one soul..
Love is sitting on the middle of the bench even though there is plenty of space on either side..
love is to giggle without reason and to feel cute when you are embarassed...
Love is this, love is that..
We can say all the things that love is not.. but cant capture this 'good sense' (yes it is not emotion) into something concrete..probably the mysticism adds to the flavour we call love..
love is not a word it is life in ones life..
love is beautiful.. for it needs no reciprocation, just a pure and a true heart looking into another heart and feeling bliss :)

Anonymous said...

Is it not whatever we do, we do it for love!?! :)

Anonymous said...

it is it is...
we know we live....everytime..but we feel we live..only when we're in love.... "being" in love...may mean so much more...

Raj said...

U know LoVe is....Inexplicable.but still love is this love is that,it makes our heart go fast,love is within us maybe we just need something/someone to awake it,express it,spread it out of love.Some people love to love out of love only.The don't ask why,how,what,when but some faces,some acts,some characters at certain moments leaves a long lasting impression but maybe that's not love.What love is i don't understand anymore but still I feel it everytime it is around me!