Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Awaited Kiss

An empty, deserted boulevard;
and two people, who've come there,
TO share some time, and thoughts.

They sit on a stony bench;
Below a tree, who's shedding her leaves.
And in solidarity ,they drench.

He glimpses at her, every now and then;
She asks him what it is?
He says for long, he's been in a fen.

She looks into his eyes, to find,
What kept his thoughts flooded?
Was it the time they left behind?

He smiles and says,he missed her well;
And there is no refute.
But his lips keep moving, as if there is more to tell.

She stands up to leave;
But he holds her back;
His heart he could not deceive.

He brings her close to him.

He holds her in his arms.

They eavesdrop what their hearts speak.
The eyes seem to say so much now.

A sultry zephyr touches their souls;
Fly them to oblivion;

Unaware of what they always wanted.
The ebbing distances;

A little lust and all the love,
Dance immersed in passion.

The touch of lips;
The melting of souls..

The moment that said it all,

"The Awaited kiss"


1 comment:

Marina D'Souza said...

oooh this is so beautiful. You write really well :)