Friday, April 25, 2008

Magic is bound to happen

When not together, words seem to take up,
an unending flow.

There is so much to say and so much to hear.There is so much to understand, and explain. There is so much to feel and make feel.
But when , togetherness come into being, when the separation for so long is over, words lose their path. Words themselves, are lost.

Glances and glimpses , shy smiles, obvious blushes say it all.

Hidden ways of noticing each other , small implications saying "I am there" , naughty smiles , and pondering around each other yet not saying anything , all of this makes the heart feel a strong impulse , makes the love and care pass from one heart to another.

Hold on to yourself.Let words in real sense , do it for once. Let it happen fearlessly. just for once.Magic is bound to happen.

1 comment:

TeePee said...

You have a gift in words. This is some of the best writings I ever come over.

Its like I want to get to know you:)

Keep up writing amazing words put togheter like a muscial melody!