Thursday, April 24, 2008


Distances never end,
When i need to reach you.
Summers never come,
When I need the road dry.
Rivers remain still,
When the boat needs to move.

I face slips and falls,
When I need to climb.
You never look back,
When behind , you leave me
Bleeding and weeping,
And there is no herb to heal.



whoops! Who amm ii?? said...

at that time..u shud close ur eyes..

n think of all the past victories u had..

n u ll forget all sorrows..n live in the moment..a smile ll take over all the gloomy thoughts..coz then, u wud be returning back to ur own self..the victorious..the topper..the best person.. are u not one ? ;)

if u disagree..think again !

Mohita said...

Yes, its distressing..!
U've conveyed ur sentiments in an extremely simple and balanced way.!!
Loved it to the core..!!