Friday, June 26, 2009

I Have Poetry

In the sounds of the daylight;
I do feel it somehow
There is poetry in my heart;
And you’ll help me to get it out.
But don’t do it again, like you did it the last time
You left me alone, with my words to rhyme.
Like the rains do go away,
But I love it when they come;
You bereft me of all the love,
But I am still left with some.

Let me say just a word,
And you tell me you know the rest of it.
Fill up the spaces in me,
And help me feel, you were in need of it.
But don’t leave me to fill, my spaces on my own
I have lost the ability to heal the pains unknown.
Like the rains do touch me,
But I want a closer touch;
You place your hand on my empty heart,
And fill it up as much.

In the silence of the night sky,
I feel it how, I know.
I have poetry in my eyes,
And you’ll help me to see it through.



Sharad Sharma said...

that is brilliantly written :) loved it

rains go away only to come back..I wish it was true for other things in life,too. :)


C R D said...

"Let me say just a word,
And you tell me you know the rest of it.
Fill up the spaces in me,"


How can YOU be sooo romantic? :P


Anonymous said...

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L :) Simply beautiful :)

Kudos!!! Have a great week ahead :)

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Krishanu said...

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DEXTER said...

hey alisha! just chanced upon ur blog. that was a wonderful work and i loved ur words. have fun blogging!

Anonymous said...

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