Sunday, November 11, 2007

Be the book for me...

Be the book, for me;
Which I would die, reading.

So many pages of love and you;

With me for safe-keeping.

I'd turn each page,

With a soft hand's touch;

And every moment,
I'd read as much.

Every page; the previous one;
In my eyes I'd treasure.

My eager heart, will read the next,
Lips fluttering with pleasure.
I'd read through you;
The pains amd smile.

And walk with you;

For unending miles.

I'd go wherever you take me;

And be with you lifelong.
We'd knit a sweater of love and trust;

The wool so pure, and the ends so strong.
My eyes might close, while reading you;
But I'll read you till the end.
Whether you belong to me or not;

Being your's my life, I'd Spend


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Raj said...

This is maybe the best one!