Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I feel for you

Pages of unreal stories fail to say,
What I feel for you today
There is a sacred feeling in all i do..
All the while I smile,
I've been thinking of you.
In every prayer,
I wish its you who I see..
When someday the sun, sets down on me.

Want to be in your arms,
when I breathe my last

And close my eyes,
To drown in the merry past..



Sreejith said...

nice one..

deepti goud said...

short nd sweet....nice one :)

SAIF said...

very sweet...keep writing

good luck

spicymist said...

hey this ones kool. lucky rat for whom this has been written

Purva said...

aww...short n sweet

C R D said...

oye...vey cute n sweet one :)

Hashan Hazarika said...

cute and crisp !!
keep writing

smile-a-mile said...

hmmmm... sweet :) i had blogrolled you long back, you write well...

whoops! Who amm ii?? said...

=) keep writin darling. hugs. love ya !

add this link in your orkut/facebook profile's tagline. somewhere..visible.. marketin ;)

u're smart enough to get it heard..right ? ;) muah

WarmSunshine said...

So simple, and so very honest!
Nice one :)