Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Enough of "Him"

It has been enough of he and he,
Now the word I live is “I”
He left me beside the gushing sea,
And I left without a sigh.

There is this bright morning sky,
Waiting to show me a better tomorrow.
When he left my hand without a cry…
Why should I live in sorrow?

The love, the kisses and the hugs,
All so false and fake.
There’s no reason why I should be stuck,
In all the lies he’d make.

While I pack up to walk ahead,
Let him float in the world of fancies and whims.
For now , he has lost the bet.
The loser my dear, is not me , but him.



ABHINAV said...

hey u got it right........
nice collection of poems....
iz ny1 written by U..........?

Anonymous said...

every poem is by me..
tis my trust
my self..