Tuesday, September 25, 2007

From Dusk to day

Took away from me,what meant the world.
Tore apart, all relations, prayers effete.
Gushed through the windows, tales unheard

A silent sensation, of pricking defeat.

Unremitting reconnaissance of the sepulcher,

Where laid to rest is the crux.
Untold, untouched, emotions don’t alter
Though for all, life is set to dusk..

The wolverines, on this earth wassail,
And the faultless left to wail.
Where am I living today?
Is killing my sentiments,
so true, at all just?
Still surviving in this barbaric planet.
With tears in eyes,

Where, smiling is a must.

Should I still hope, for a new sun to arise?
Can I still believe in the existence of fading cries?
Realization of self has dawned upon me now.
It is me, here to change the world, and I shall show you how.
I have brought along a promise of a brand new morning sky.
Just believe in me and trust yourself; And you will be flying high.


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