Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Searching for evidences

I looked for myself, in the mirror.
Couldn’t mange to look through,
The skin and the flesh.
All I could see , was a lost soul.
All I feel , was, emotions,
True, but in a mess.
I was looking for evidences, of life,
Within me.

While I was lost, in my thoughts,
Of self judgment, of things,
That troubled me no end,
That moment, an angel , dressed in
A pink frock, came to me.
She smiled, and winked at me.
I had seen her before.
May be about, a decade and a half earlier.
When I used to be her.
When I did the same to people,
What she did to me today.

I looked into my heart for once,
And I found it this time.
I found, all the evidences of life in me.
I chuckled, just like the angel did.
And knew that, she will come to me,
Every time I question my existence,
And prove me wrong.


1 comment:

Raj said...

U know this is very optimistic.