Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Love Afterall..

I didn’t have to ask, I didn’t have to question,
I knew I fell in love with you.
It was not an easy task, to hide an emotion,
With you in my mind, in all I do.

Of all the things you gave to me,
I remember that one bright smile.
Whoever to me so close could be,
And be with me all the while.

It’s none but you, my love of life,
Whom I can see in everything.
And so comforted are, now my eyes,
That they weep at the joys you bring.

I won’t lie to you dear,
Yes, I wished you were mine.
But losing you is now, not a fear,
As, even your presence, is so divine.

Ever you need, a shoulder to cry on,
There I shall, always be.
Ever you need, a hand to hold on,
I’ll be there, you’ll see.

I’ll live with you , in my memories
I’ll not let a drop of tear fall.
And this is how, I’ll set me free…
This is love after all…


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