Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rusted chains of matrimony-the loss of a permanent lover

Years of losses and pains;
Now to be felt once again.
The cheer from his life is gone,
But he still awaits a dawn.

He thinks she will walk from,
Among the clouds.
He talks of her and doesn’t know,
What he is talking about.

He dreams of her day and night,
With not a glimpse oh her , in his sight.

Now she has broken the rusted chains,
Of matrimony.
Guess, they didn’t have a clue of,
Something called agony.

The fights and trifles over things so small.
Caused them to live, and then end, to fall.

Why did they come together,
When it was all so untrue?
What was the need,
To make life, a curfew.

The hands they held, are the hands that hurt.
The two hearts together, are torn apart.

Yet still, why do the tears make way through the eyes?
Why do their hearts still suffer ?
Is it the loss of just another relation?
Or is the loss of a permanent lover ?


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